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Blue Swan is an ecosystem for decentralized innovations.

We are helping create the conditions for an open, inclusive society, in which financial, legal, and civil opportunities will be realized; giving greater rights and autonomy to every individual, and revolutionizing the way the world works.

We are independent, and unbiased.

Liberating technology.

Our vision is the mass use of decentralized finance.

Our mission is to facilitate the use of decentralized finance without complexity.

Blue Swan Solutions


Smart services and products that enable a decentralized future.

Applications for businesses, organizations, and individuals to upgrade trust — digitally enabled, and legally protected.

Blue Swan DeFi

Blue Swan DeFi

Access to Optimized DeFi yields with simplicity.

A fund built on the blockchain, to harvest the full potential of decentralized finance, with access to the most relevant protocols for unprecedented easy access to the DeFi market.

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Blue Swan Grading

Blue Swan Grading

A business intelligence service to better understand cryptoassets.

The first 360-degree analytics platform aggregates the most relevant big data and assets available into a grading table and dashboard — for unprecedented clarity on the crypto market.

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Blue Swan Institute


Education, research & development, and advice.

We believe human capital is more valuable than financial assets. We are here to develop peoples’ expertise, so they can innovate new solutions that help us all move forward together.

Blue Swan Community


Insights and opportunities.

Learn more though our publications and editorials. We want to share our learning, nurture your thoughts, and enable everyone to get involved and innovate the future together.


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